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Eastlake Lacrosse

Below are the recommended items for Eastlake players available at Lacrosse Wolf in Bellevue, 14220 NE 20th St, Suite D, Bellevue, WA 98007

Lacrosse Wolf will work with your player and their family to make sure to get the lacrosse player in the right gear that fits.

Maverik Charger EKG Shoulder Pad      Maverik MX EKG Shoulder Pad        Maverik MX Glove    Maverik M4 Glove      Maverik Charger Elbow Pad     

                     $64.99                                                     $84.99                                       $59.99                    $129.99                          $29.99

        Maverik MX EKG Shoulder Pad                                                

 Maverik Max Arm Guard            Maximum Lacrosse Bicep Pad                   Maximum Lacrosse 750 Rib Pad 

           $89.99                                          $29.99                                                         $64.99


Below you will find items that you can order online or oder in store that are meant for Eastlake Lacrosse.

If you have any questions feel free to call Lacrosse Wolf 425-502-8672

Cascade CS-R Helmet Custom - Eastlake

Recommended for Youth Players


Cascade CPV-R Helmet Custom - Eastlake

Recommended for youth players


Cascade S Helmet Custom - Eastlake

Recommended for Middle and High School Players.